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"In short, Dinah was one of the best instructional / staff coaches I have ever worked with. It isn't an easy job to come in from the    outside and try to work with a faculty that isn't always open to new opinions or innovation. Dinah was able to catalyze change at our school by bringing in a fresh perspective and a vast skill-set, while allaying any concerns that staff had and by building their self-esteem and buy-in to the process. I wholeheartedly recommend Dinah for any position where she works with or supervises a teaching staff. "

--teacher, english department, bronx high school

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shift to Balanced Literacy 

“Thank you so much for all you have done for our department. You really helped move us in the right direction and did so with intelligence and grace. Our school is better because you helped us so much. Thanks also, for all the good conversation! You will be missed. ”

—Assistant Principal, English Department
New Jersey junior high school

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japanese lesson study 

“As a member of our Action Plan Team, you were instrumental in establishing our timeline, delegating work assignments and keeping me updated on the progress of the work. I can always count on you for a professional approach and efficient outcomes due to your expertise in professional development and curriculum managements. ”

—Principal, New York City high school


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critical friends groups

You seamlessly embedded yourself as a staff member thereby creating a format for teacher growth that was supportive, interactive and professional. You were integral in working with the cabinet in establishing our instructional agenda for this year. You are truly part of our family and we are convinced that our student achievement is directly tied to your work with our staff. ”

—Assistant Principal, New York City high school

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reading and writing workshop support

“You have been such a huge asset to our school and your dedication, knowledge, and professionalism is greatly appreciated.”

—Principal, New York City high school


balanced literacy

“I felt that today, as well as other sessions with Dinah- were extremely productive. I’m leaving with some wonderful ideas for my department and my classes.”

 —Workshop participant


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“Dinah has many years' experience working with teachers in high schools and is a highly effective educator as well as a great person.”